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Got Bed Bugs or trying to prevent Bed Bugs?

Are you looking for Bed Bug Prevention to protect your home, business or hotel room from Bed Bugs? Do you already have Bed Bugs and need a way to get rid of Bed Bugs? Good news - we can help!

Bed Bug Prevention

Large bed bugEvery year thousands of people bring home bed bugs after exposure to colonies or even a single bed bug during hotel stays or while on airplanes, trains, buses or cruise ships. BugFreeMovingBoxes is proud to bring you a large selection of bed bug prevention, bed bug removal tools and travel products to reduce the chances of bringing home these unwanted parasites. We have partnered with the top Bed Bug prevention and protection companies to bring together in one place, the best that the Bed Bug Protection industry has to offer.

Most often, bed bug infestations are commonly treated using physical encasements, sprays, powders and barriers. Encasements are usually bags that either keep the bed bugs in or out. Barriers are surfaces that the bed bugs cannot climb over or around so they cannot travel to places like bed or couches. There are also a variety of spray and powders that you can use to actually kill bed bugs.

Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs

Once you have brought bed bugs home there are many things that you can do to stop the infestation spreading and get rid of the bed bugs once and for all!. Here are a few steps that you can take to eliminate bed bugs from your home or office.

Bed bug feeding on human bloodIdentify and Isolate: First of all, you must identify and isolate any items of clothing, furniture, luggage or fabric that may have transported the bed bugs into your home. Most bed bug supply stores (see below) carry special anti-bed bug bags called encasements. These are specially designed bags that bed bugs cannot get in or out of. Encasements can also be used to keep your clothes and luggage bed bug-free when staying in hotel rooms that may be home to bed bugs. Special barriers are available to keep bed bugs from moving from one part of your home to another. Encasements can also act as barriers to prevent bed bugs from migrating to your mattress or sofa.

Monitor and Trap: It is important to find out where the bed bugs are living and once you do, trap and kill them. You can buy bed bug monitor strips that will indicate where the concentrations are occurring. Once you determine where the bed bugs are living, you can lay bed bug traps to capture and kill them. Bed bugs can also be killed using a variety of anti-bed bug powders and sprays. Again, all of these product can be purchased from the bed bug suppliers listed below.

Prevent Future Bed Bug Infestations: There are many simple yet effective tools that you can use to protect yourself from future bed bug infestations. Most are very inexpensive and designed to be light and easy to use. Most bed bug prevention tools are some form or barrier - either chemical or a physical encasement.

Green Bed Bug Products

Many other bed bug product suppliers above offer green, environmentally friendly solutions to your bed bug problems so you do not have to worry about your pets, children or plants.